Barber DTS have been involved in the tattoo industry since the late 19th century. Barber DTS has a rich history and is linked with many legendary tattoo artists and tattoo developments.

1884 – At age 12, George Burchett-Davis is expelled from school for tattooing his classmates.
1890s – George learns the art from legendary British tattoo artists Tom Riley and Sutherland McDonald.
1900 – At 28, George opens a tattoo shop in east London and becomes known as George 'Professor’ Burchett.
1930s – George develops cosmetic tattooing and works with many upper-class and royal clients.
1942 – Leslie and Charles Burchett-Davis took over their father’s shop.
1950s – Charles Burchett-Davis opens a small tattoo supplies company which grows to become Davis Tattoo Supplies.
1983 – Charles retires and the company is taken over by his son, Eric Davis.
1992 – Josie Gibson begins employment at Davis Tattoo Supplies.
2000 – Barber of Sheffield is formed by Tony and Stephanie Crane supplying needles, consumables and hygiene products to the bodyart industry.
2002 – Barber of Sheffield enters the tattoo supplies market.
2003 – Eric Davis retires and the company is bought by PMW Enterprises Ltd with Josie Gibson (long-standing employee) as Managing Director.
2005 – Barber of Sheffield moves to larger premises on Churchill Way, Sheffield.
2006 – Davis Tattoo Supplies and Barber of Sheffield merge to form Barber DTS and operations are moved to Sheffield.
2012 – Barber DTS launches its first international website for Spanish customers, starting off the company’s international expansion.
2013 – France-based Northstar is acquired by Barber DTS and is rebranded Barber Northstar.
October 2014 – Barber DTS launches 3 new international websites for the Netherlands, Ireland and a European store.
January 2015 – Barber DTS relocates to purpose-built  warehouse and offices at Shortwood Business Park in Hoyland.


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