Original Greywash

Silverback Ink Original Greywash

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The Original Greywash set by Silverback Ink® has been specifically developed so that artist no longer need to lend their own greywash mix together. Having everything you need in one sets eliminates the need to spend time and effort trying to develop the correct shade. This also takes away the worry of how light or dark a tattoo might heal. With the Original greywash set you have four fantastic shades for completing different tattoos with the correct effects. Within the set is the X1, X2, X3 and X4. The X1 is the lightest shade in the set, the X2 is one shade darker, the X3 has a medium to dark shade and the X4 is the darkest of the lot. Suitable for Vegans and laboratory tested to ensure that the inks are free from contamination.