Instrument Cleaning

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  1. Brush Kit (6 Brushes + 2mm Allen Key Per Pack)
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
  2. Tattoo Tube Tip Cleaning Brushs
    Helps reach every corner and crevis w...

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  3. Cleaning Brush Set Economy
    These brushes range in size from 1mm,...
  4. Medistel Disinfectant - 1 litre
    This Instrument Disinfectant from Med...
  5. Enzstel Instrument Cleaner
    Enzstel instrument cleaner is used by...
  6. Braun Helizyme
    Braun Helizyme is an Enzymatic cleane...
  7. Barbicide solution 1.89l (64lf.oz)
    Barbicide is an iconic cleaning produ...
  8. Cleaning Brushes Thick
    Barber DTS are pleased to present the...
  9. Ink-Out Tattoo Ink Cleaner - 0.95L
    This Ink-Out cleaning product is idea...
  10. Rapizyme Enzyme Cleaner 1 litre
    When seeking a cleaning fluid for you...
  11. Cleaning Brushes Thin
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present th...
  12. Cleaning Brushes Superthin
    Barber DTS are pleased to present sup...
  13. Cleaning Brush Double Sided Economy
    Use on its own with hot water or comb...

13 Items

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Cleaning your instruments properly is essential when working in a tattoo or piercing studio, failing to do so could put your customers or yourself in danger of getting a nasty infection. We have a range of products designed to help make sure that all of your tattoo and piercing equipment is safe for use on others. Some products we have include cleaning brushes for scrubbing of ink or blood and for getting into the tubes of your tips and grips. We also have a selection of cleaning disinfectants and powders to help thoroughly clean and sterilise your instruments.