Hand & Skin Cleaning

Hygiene is paramount in a tattoo and piercing studio to ensure that you and your customers are free from infection and disease. We aim to provide you with everything you need to keep hands and skin clean whilst in the studio. Our fantastic selection of hand and skin cleaning products include Isopropyl Alcohol, surgical spirits, swabs, hand sanitiser soap and much more. We have picked out some of the best products available to ensure that they are safe, reliable and work to the best of their ability at all times. An essential for any professional.

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  1. PinUp - Tattoo Green Soap
    Use during or after tattooing - Avail...

    From £6.89

  2. Sorry Mom Tattoo Cleanser
    Developed for the tattooing procedure...

    From £6.69

  3. Pro Series Foam Ex
    Pro Series Foam is the latest release...

    From £5.25

  4. Electrum Gold Standard CBD Wash 2oz (60ml)
    Use Electrum Gold Standard CBD Wash d...
  5. Electrum Skin Prep & Stencil Repositioner - 8oz (240ml)
    Electrum Premium Tattoo Skin Prep &am...
  6. Wipe Outz™ Cleansing (Wet) Tattoo Aftercare Wipe
    Safely Clean Your Fresh New Tattoo An...
  7. Penny Black Foam Wash 150ml
    Penny Black bring you a bubble-gum es...
  8. Gauze Swabs
    These gauze swabs are ideal for use i...

    From £1.05

  9. PinUp Tattoo Green Soap - 5 Litre
    Many tattoo artists prefer to use gre...
  10. Panthera Green Soap Concentrate - 1 Litre
    The first tattoo green soap that cont...
  11. Wound Care Pack Option II Plus - Sterile (pack of 10)
    For use in aseptic procedures and wou...
    Out of stock
  12. Aloe Tattoo Green Soap Foam - 220ml
    Tattoo Cleansing Foam by AloeTattoo® ...

Items 1 to 12 of 38 Total

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