Plant-based alternatives to their plastic counterparts. ECOTAT protection covers are manufactured with naturally extracted, plant-based materials.

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  1. ECOTAT Biodegradable Rinse Cups
    ECOTAT biodegradable rinse cups are m...

    From £2.50

  2. ECOTAT Barrier Grip Sleeves
    ECOTAT barrier grip sleeves are manuf...

    From £7.00

  3. ECOTAT Clipcord Covers
    ECOTAT clipcord covers are manufactur...

    From £11.50

  4. ECOTAT Surface Protection Sheets
    ECOTAT surface protection sheets are ...

    From £15.00

  5. ECOTAT Cartridge Holder Trays (50 per pack)
    ECOTAT cartridge holder trays are man...
  6. ECOTAT Machine / Power Supply Covers 140mm x 140mm - 600 per pack
    ECOTAT machine and power supply cover...
  7. ECOTAT 150mm x 250mm Wash Bottle Covers - 200 per pack
    ECOTAT wash bottle covers are manufac...
    Out of stock
  8. ECOTAT Sample Pack of Protective Covers
    ECOTAT products are manufactured with...

8 Items

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