It is important to remember when running a tattoo or piercing studio that you not only have the essential tools but you have consumables too. These are important for protecting yourself, keeping the studio clean and for assisting with aftercare. At Barber DTS we supply a range of tattoo supplies including gloves used to protect the artists from blood and ink. Protective aprons are also available to keep clothes clean whereas hand towels are great for cleaning up mess and wiping ink from the skin. Tapes and dressings are used to secure the likes of cling film to apparatus and even the client for aftercare measures.

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  1. Black Widow Sterile Tongue Depressors (100-Pack)
    Commonly used for applying and spread...
  2. Viscot E.Z Removable Ink White Skin Marker
    The Only White Skin Marker Available
  3. Dr.-derm Barrier Film (6"" x 180"") by Brian ...
    Dr.- derm is a thin, flexible film wi...
    Out of stock
  4. Disposable 3 Layer Face Masks, 50 Per Pack
    Three-layer disposable face masks wit...
  5. Bed / Couch Covers (10 per pack)
    The Barber DTS bed covers come in pac...
  6. Sharpsbins & Waste Sacks
    Ensuring that the disposal of your bi...

    From £3.39

  7. Micropore Tape
    These medical tapes can be torn strai...

    From £4.55

  8. Full Face Protection Visor
    Provides full face protection from bo...
  9. Cova Tattoo Wiping Cloths
    Cova Tattoo Wiping Cloths are the fir...
  10. Cling Film (30cm x 100m)
    Barber DTS are thrilled to supply cli...
  11. Big Sleeps Face Mask - Black
    Fresh from L.A. California – we bring...
  12. ORA Kitchen Towel
    Strong, absorbent, versatile One hand...

Items 1 to 12 of 40 Total

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