Barber DTS supply a wide range of durable clipcords suitable for machines from Hawk, Magic Moon, Eikon and more, Clipcords are an essential piece of equipment for the daily work of a tattoo artist, manufactured with quality materials to stand the test of time in a busy tattooing environment.

Our clipcords offer a long lasting, reliable connect to the tattoo machine for uninterrupted work. The wires are created with heavy duty materials to prevent curling and tangling, while also protecting them from damage in the studio.

The clipcords at Barber DTS come in a range of sizes for freedom to move around while you work.

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  1. Eikon Silicone RCA Clipcord
    Eikon RCA connector cords are wired i...

    From £13.49

    Out of stock
  2. Bishop Rotary 6ft RCA Cord
    - Gold Plated Split-tip Centre Pin an...
  3. Clip Clipcord Pro With Long Spring - Black
    A long coil tattoo clip clipcord with...
  4. TatSoul Heavy Duty Clip Cord
    This is certainly a clip cord connect...
  5. Powerline Silicone Clip Clipcord
    These clip clipcords have a silicone ...

    From £22.99

  6. Eikon Silicone Clip Clipcord
    Eikon clipcords are manufactured in h...

    From £16.99

  7. Max Signorello Clipcord Green
    Clip cord wire with silicone casing a...
  8. FK Irons High Tension Clipcord
    This High Tension clipcord will remai...
  9. TATSoul Lux Plus 90 Degree RCA Cord
    The new TATSoul Lux Plus 90 Degree RC...
  10. Max Signorello Clipcord Black
    Clip cord wire with silicone casing a...
  11. TATSoul Lux Plus Straight RCA Cord
    TATSoul is proud to introduce the Lux...
  12. PinUp RCA Cord - Straight
    Offering a generous 1.8 metres of len...

Items 1 to 12 of 41 Total

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