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Pierce Artist Instruments

Pierce Artist Instruments
A range of quality professional body piercing instrumentation from Pierce Artist.

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  • Guide Pins

    Guide Pins

    These single use guide pins are ideal for use with... readmore

    Starting at: £4.26

  • Tragus Forceps

    Tragus Forceps

    The tragus forceps is a piercing instrument design... readmore
  • Prince Albert Piercing Kit

    Prince Albert Piercing Kit

    The Prince Albert tool is designed specifically fo... readmore

    Out of stock

  • Nose Tool

    Nose Tool

    The nose tool by Pierce Artist is a brilliant pie... readmore
  • Tweezers


    Barber DTS supply a range of piercing equipment in... readmore
  • Ring Forceps 5.5mm hole

    Ring Forceps 5.5mm hole

    Barber DTS are please to present the 5.5mm hole r... readmore
  • Mini Forceps

    Mini Forceps

    Baber DTS are pleased to present the mini forceps ... readmore
  • Needle Holder

    Needle Holder

    Barber DTS are pleased to present the needle hold... readmore
  • Instrument Tray

    Instrument Tray

    This Instrument Tray from Barber DTS is great for ... readmore
  • Measuring Gauge

    Measuring Gauge

    This is a fully adjustable measuring gauge for pie... readmore
  • Tongue Marker

    Tongue Marker

    Using a tongue marker when pierce is essential for... readmore
  • Frenum Forceps

    Frenum Forceps

    Frenum forceps by Barber DTS are a must have for t... readmore

Items 1 to 12 of 14 total

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  • Position
  • Name
  • Price