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northstar 11 round shader 0.35mm textured2mmt

northstar 11 round shader 0.35mm textured2mmt

Product No: 720813
The Northstar 11 round textured shader is a fantastic option for providing slightly heavier shading, giving you an attractive and colour packed finish. The needle, being a textured needle, is of course a little tougher on your client, making it a less likely option for those with a low tolerance for pain, however for a majority of clients it can provide you with an optimal option for packing colour into the design. The individual needles provide you with a diameter of 0.35mm, and the taper of this needle is longer than most typical round shaders, giving you a 2mm taper for sharper, more solid colour results.


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There has always been some debate when it comes to the selection of the right needle, and as a professional tattoo artist it falls on you to make that selection. Of course different needles will give you different effects, which are suitable for various areas of a tattoo design. Textured needles can be a little more abrasive on the skin, and are the more uncomfortable of the needle types for your customers, however they are an excellent option for packing colour into smaller areas, and producing a thicker, stronger line. This particular option is of course the 11 round shader, which provides a good, mid-sized needle that offers a good, thick covering of colour. The individual needles here are 0.35mm in diameter, making them a more typical needle size and a good option for shading headier areas, particularly given that they are textured and slightly longer tapers. The tapers are 2mm, which are long for a typical needle (2mm being the average length of a bugpin taper), which means that the colour comes out a little sharper and clearer, and of course nice and thick thanks to the texture. You may find that, due to the abrasive nature of the texturing, customers with a lower pain tolerance will require more breaks using this needle, and may be more comfortable with a polished needle, however for the average client this will provide you with an excellent option for packing colour into your shading.

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