Barber DTS supply a variety of tattoo equipment including tattoo furniture for use in studios and at conventions. We have furniture from popular brand name TATSoul as well as other brands including Inkbutlers. All of our tattoo furniture is designed to enhance the tattoo experience for both client and customer. Products we have available include the Mobile Tattoo Workstation that allows tattoo artists to work from any position comfortably. The workstation houses everything you need whilst tattooing making sure that you can work quickly and efficiently. Also available is the Portable Aluminium Massage Table perfect for any travelling artist.

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  1. Bed / Couch Covers (10 per pack)
    The Barber DTS bed covers come in pac...
  2. Compact Tattoo Arm/Leg Rest
    Portable Compact Tattoo Arm/Leg Rest ...
  3. Two Tray Rolling Workstation
    A tattoo workstation that won’t break...
  4. Portable Aluminium Table (Black)
  5. Tattoo Mobile Rolling Workstation
    The Tattoo Mobile Rolling Workstation...
  6. Tattoo Cart and Workstation
    The tattoo cart and workstation is id...
  7. Tattoo 5 Draw Roller Workstation
    This professional 5 roller worstation...
  8. Portable Aluminium Massage Table inc Reclining Backrest (194x70cm...

8 Items

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