TATsoul Premium Supply

TATSoul are a Californian based company that provide high quality tattoo equipment to professionals. Over the past decade the company have maintained a reputation for unwavering quality and it doesn’t look like it’s about to change. Through extensive research and listening to customer feedback they have been able to provide products that meet the artist’s specifications in comfort and practicality.

TATSoul furniture is a favourite amongst TATSoul customers offering comfort not only for the client but for the artist too. Their range of premium tattoo furniture ensures that there is something suitable for your every need so that tattoos and piercings can be carried out with ease. A range of client chairs, artist’s chairs, portable tables, arm rests, leg rests, workstations and other products are available for use in your studio. The 570 TATSoul client chair is the latest addition to the range of furniture available. It offers customers the ultimate form of comfort thanks to its outstanding support and padding. Everything on the chair can be adjusted accordingly making sure that it meets the needs of both the client and the artist, for a comfortable and consistent tattooing session. All furniture from TATSoul is made to the highest of standards for a long lasting, durable and dependable finish.

Another popular product by the brand is the Wrath Nexus tube which is completely disposable. It is the latest tube available from TATSoul and is designed to give the artist maximum comfort and performance. The tubes feature a brand new extended finger contour that that helps to improve control by allowing the artist to get as close to the skin as possible. Featuring a raised pattern across the tube the artist has excellent grip and an improved tip design provides excellent needle visibility. As well as the Wrath Nexus tubes TATSoul also supply Wrath tubes and Wrath Gen2 Vortex tubes.

Envy tattoo needles are also by the brand and come in a variety of configurations. Designed to the highest of standards the needles cause little trauma to the skin and help to increase accuracy and precision.

A range of power supplies are also available including the TATSoul Platform Foot Switch, the TATSoul Rage the TATSoul Gate Foot Switch and much more. Aftercare products from the brand can also be purchased to aid in the healing of tattoos and piercings. All TATSoul products are made with the artist in mind for products that are appropriate and comfortable to use.