2019 is smashing it for TV & Film! We’re had Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame and now the Duffer Brothers are taking us back to Hawkins for season three of ‘Stranger Things’. Eleven and the gang are taking over our screens and our lives for another eight episodes with something not quite right around the new addition of the Starcourt Mall and the behaviour of some of the town’s residents.

So whether you’ve got the hots for Hopper, or you’ll never forget Barb, we’re sharing our favourite Stranger Things inspired tattoos…

Eleven Stranger Things Tattoo

Eleven with another pesky nose bleed by our Sponsored Artist Sam Butler at Vintage Inx, Essex, UK.

Snow Ball Stranger Things Tattoo by Suflanda

We’re not crying you’re crying. Eleven and Mike at the Snow Ball by Suflanda, based in Manchester UK.

Stranger Things Tattoo by Antonio Polo

Loving Joyce’s lights entangled in Dustin’s Hat by Antonio Polo, done at Sir Monkey Tattooists Club, Valencia, Spain. 

Winona Ryder Joyce Byers Stranger Things Tattoo

Winona Forever! Created by Michelle Tattooer at Studio Blanco Tattoo in Stockholm, Sweden.

Eleven Tattoo from Stranger Things with ‘Friends Don’t Lie’

“Friends Don’t Lie” by Rob Nolan at Citadel Tattoo, Liverpool UK.

Stranger Things Hopper Tattoo Coffee and Contemplation

“Mornings are for…” by Sadee Glover at Black Chalice Tattoo, Swindon.

Queen of Hearts Barb Stranger Things Tattoo

We’ll never forget you Barb! Done by Dinky Ink at a private studio in Dublin, Ireland.

Neo Traditional Stranger Things Tattoo Dustin & Eleven

Konstantin Schmidt smashing out these neo traditional Dustin and Eleven portraits! Done at Verlorene Jung Taetowerungen

Eleven Stranger Things Tattoo

Eleven and the Upside Down by our sponsored artist Danny Birtwistle (https://www.instagram.com/danny_tattooart/)


Have you watched season three yet? What did you think? We think we could rock a Scoops Ahoy Uniform!

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