Since 1977, Sea Shepherd have made it their mission to protect, conserve and defend our globe’s marine wildlife. Bringing together over 20 countries and using their international fleet in innovative ways, they protect our oceans and enforce conservation laws across the world.

Image of Sea Shepherd Tattoo logo on a black background

As an international non-profit Sea Shepherd are still small in terms of charities so they have to utilise their limited resources to raise awareness and funds in creative ways. And creative they definitely are; as of March 2018, they welcomed the opening of their very own tattoo studio in Amsterdam.

The brainchild of Sea Shepherd’s Artistic Director, Geert Vons, who is himself a tattoo artist (which helps to make more sense of the link-up!), all profits from Sea Shepherd Tattoo go towards helping Sea Shepherd’s mission.

After the launch of Sea Shepherd Tattoo, the team partnered with Quantum Ink to create a line of Sea Shepherd vegan tattoo inks with proceeds going on to support Sea Shepherd’s efforts. Now in stock at Barber DTS, the ‘Extinction is Forever’ range from Sea Shepherd Tattoo Ink is made up of the Whale and Shark sets, produced in small batches for high quality and consistency whilst growing vegan and cruelty free tattooing. The sets feature aptly named inks from Moby’s Blues and Scrag Whale green, to Hammer Time grey, Shawshark Redemption Red and Deep Megamouth black.

You can check out both of the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Inks sets here.

Selection of individual inks from the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Whale & Shark ink sets on a grey background.

The success of Sea Shepherd Tattoo with these ink sets has seen them take on 2019 by partnering-up with high quality tattoo equipment specialists Cheyenne. For every sale of their 20 packs of Cheyenne Cartridges, a donation is made to Sea Shepherd.

Cheyenne Craft Cartridges Box of 20 on a grey background

Sea Shepherd is almost entirely made up of dedicated volunteers with only a handful of staff who are paid, so this incredible new wave of fundraising from the tattoo community can only mean more and more efforts can go into Sea Shepherd’s direct actions whilst also promoting vegan tattoo ink.

Shop Sea Shepherd Ink here or Cheyenne Cartridges here.

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