It’s a little known fact that the history of Barber DTS goes back further than the company dates, with its founder George Burchett-Davis, the ‘King of Tattooists’, first attempting forms of tattooing from the age of 12.

George Burchett-Davis continually strived for skill, innovation and creativity and his passion that inspired Davis Tattoo Supplies went on to form the company we are today. So we’ve delved deeper into his past to understand more about the foundations of Barber DTS and George Burchett- Davis’ history…


Barber DTS History Infographic


When Barber of Sheffield and Davis Tattoo Supplies came together in 2006 we wanted to continue George Burchett’s legacy, one that brought respectability and innovation to tattooing.

We feel our strong reputation in the industry for high standards, customer service, an extensive range and innovative products reflect that. With our passion for growth in tattoo and body piercing supplies evolving alongside the industry and the incredible artists within it.

So cheers to you and happy birthday to Barber DTS & George Burchett – the 'King of Tattooists'.