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Eternal Ink Colour Of The Week

In the wild and wonderful world of tattoos, artists that can spot a brilliant deal and seize the day are often the very same that spearhead some truly inspirational pieces of work. As tirelessly creative artists you never cease to create some eternally beautiful tattoos for your clients, so why not take advantage of opportunities to enrich both of your experiences?

‘Eternal’ is the key term, as Barber DTS have teamed up with Eternal Ink to showcase a special offer. Not only does this combination present you with some of the best ink in the business, but it encourages you to adapt your art and style every week.

Presenting over 250 different colours, Eternal Ink pride themselves on offering the brightest, most distinct colours for tattoo ink. Their immense collection of available colours aren’t merely impressive for the diversity on display, but for the various tailored uses they can adhere too.

Whether you specialise in portraits and pin-ups or find a serene sense of beauty in reflecting the passing seasons with your work, there are various collections that bear the high quality Eternal Ink name. Not only this but esteemed artists have lent Eternal Ink their prestigious skills for specifically designed custom ranges, including the likes of the Texas based patron of portraits, Liz Cook, and the California based king of all trades, Mike Devries. It’s these partnerships with such respected artists that truly showcase the level of class and quality that Eternal Ink can offer tattoo artists, and this faith is reflected by this pairing with us here at Barber DTS.

Kicking off in June and set in stone to carry on well towards the end of 2018, Barber DTS and Eternal Ink have planned to offer something new every week. The latter half of 2018 will offer a spectacular, unmissable deal of a reduced price for selected bottles of ink, rotating in both colour and size.

This features such notable colours as the vibrant, eye catching Electric Raspberry and the modest, hauntingly subtle Aged Parchment, which can provide the perfect opportunity to sample something a little different and experiment with new possibilities for your art. Imagine offering a new type of flair to your clients on a weekly basis; this is exactly what Barber DTS and Eternal Ink have in mind.

The promotion has been crafted specifically to present to the world how exceptional Eternal Ink’s products are, and each selection is essentially random; all picked from a huge range to tailor to a specific trend or taste of the season. So why not mix things up in your studio and give Barber DTS and Eternal Ink a try? Every week brings something tantalisingly new, and at such an excellent offer there’s no harm in adding a little extra colour to your palette.