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Discover the magic of Nocturnal Ink

“A brilliant set of inks that should be in every artists set”

“A super smooth consistent flow”

“The best white ink I’ve ever used”

These are just some of the positive comments we’ve received from tattoo artists since stocking Nocturnal ink – a specially developed set of inks produced by legendary tattoo artists Franco Vescovi and Jack Rudy.




Franco and Jack have collaborated to devise great quality inks, created only for use when tattooing which are made up of just three ingredients – organic pigment, sterilised water and ethyl alcohol.

Nocturnal Ink has been created to be fully organic in nature and contain absolutely no type of unnecessary chemical solvents which can be harsh on the skin. Offering darker smoother shades, Nocturnal Ink works to offer more depth and clarity but also keeps the same fluidity as a more traditional ink.

The best tattoo ink I’ve ever used

As Steve Upton from Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio in Barnsley puts it “These inks are very opaque and in fact the best I’ve ever used."
With six different shades the Nocturnal Ink range caters towards tattoo artists looking for something extra special when creating blackwork, grey shading and highlighting work with bright white accents.

Each of the individual six shades are available separately in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz sizes. Super Black is designed to give high contrast blackwork that extra pop whilst the specific Lining and Shading ink works to help tattooists get an extra crisp and accurate finish on intricate line work.


The three ‘West Coast Blends’ offer grey washes in dark, medium and light which are also available as a set in the 1oz, 2oz and 4oz sizes whilst the Shine White ink has a dazzling amount of white pigment that radiates with a unique pearlised sheen.

Great pieces of tattoo art created with Nocturnal Ink

Since stocking the range we’ve had artists sharing impressive pieces of work which have been created using Nocturnal Ink through our Facebook page. This realistic shark piece below has been done by Barber DTS sponsored artist Gordon Patterson of Adept Art Collective and the example above is by one of our International Sponsored Artists, Ivano Foddai.


If you’re looking to get the full Nocturnal Ink experience, then all six inks come as a set in the 1oz, 2oz and 4oz sizes. Real attention to detail has been paid when developing these inks which comes across in the stunning artwork on the bottles which reflects these legendary tattoo artists commitment to excellence.