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‘100 Hands Project’ Opens at National Maritime Museum Cornwall

The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall have opened the ‘100 Hands Project’ within their British Tattoo Art exhibition which ran right up until January 2018.

The project showcased 100 tattooed silicone hands, meaning they created the largest selection of tattooed items in history.

The purpose of the exhibition as a whole is to highlight the long and impressive history of British tattooing.




100 Silicone Hands by Alice Snape

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of this exhibition is the 100 silicone hands that feature a unique tattoo created by one of 100 leading tattoo artists in Britain. We couldn’t think of a better way to bring the quality and diversity of modern tattoo design to the forefront.



A 1950s Tattoo Parlour

This part of the exhibition took visitors on a journey and gives us a unique insight into what the world of tattooing was like back in the 1950s with visitors being able to see first-hand what an old-school tattoo parlour looked like.


Over 400 Pieces of Tattoo Art

With over 400 historical pieces of art, photography and real objects the exhibition is a real opportunity to understand the wide and complex history of tattooing across the world.

Less faint hearted visitors will also be able to view displays of tattoo art on preserved human skin.


Modern Art Commissions

Three iconic art commissions were also on display at the exhibition. One gives a subtle nod to the ways in which tattoos break down artistic boundaries, while another celebrated the sailor tattoo. There was also a modern take on Tahitian tattooing. The artists that took part in these commissions were Aimée Cornwell, Matt Houston and Tihoti Faara Barff.


Private Collections Unveiled

Visitors also got a first look at private collections that had never before been revealed. A collection that focused on British tattoo artist Jessie Knight was a definite highlight.

The exhibition also included work from Alex Binnie, George Burchett and Lal Hardy. With such cutting-edge artists involved, this tattoo exhibition was both ground-breaking and inspiring.