We’re a bit bowled over here at Barber DTS with the overwhelming show of solidarity that everyone’s borne witness to over the Bank Holiday weekend with the Manchester Tattoo Appeal.

Hundreds of people came together across Manchester in the last couple of days to raise money for the victims of the recent terrorist attack by giving donations in exchange for artists offering to tattoo a worker bee symbol.

The worker bee symbol is synonymous with Manchester as it has come to represent the city’s hard-working past especially during the growth period the city experienced amidst the Industrial Revolution.

As well as dozens of studios based in Manchester opening specially over the Bank Holiday to take part, many other tattoo studios and tattooists across the country have donated time and materials to this cause with members of the public travelling to Manchester and queuing up to get this meaningful tribute.

The original target of raising £50,000 has already been surpassed and raised to £125,000. If you’d like to show your support you can donate to the Manchester Tattoo Appeal JustGiving page here.

100% of your donation will go directly to the cause as all ink, supplies and time has been donated for free.