We're pleased to announce that Barber DTS have launched number one tattoo aftercare product ‘Tattoo Goo’ across the UK with high street retailer Superdrug.

Tattoo Goo prides itself in being cruelty free and Peta approved. All products have been tested in controlled dermatological studies and most importantly have been formulated with tattoo artists who understand how vital quality ingredients are when it comes to looking after your skin.




As Barber’s CEO, Richard Boston comments, “For us, as tattoos come evermore into the mainstream the importance of having a readily available aftercare product across the country with a leading retailer like Superdrug makes obvious sense. This range of products isn’t just about the immediate healing of a tattoo when you’ve had it done it’s about looking after your skin for life.”

Enhancing every element of your tattoo

A quick look through the range, exclusively available through Barber across Europe is enough to see the benefits offered. An SPF 30 product Tattoo Goo ‘Renew’ works to revive and protect colours from the harmful effects of UV rays, whilst the full aftercare kit offers four different products which work together to enhance every element of your tattoo and overall skin condition whilst retailing for only £12.99 a pack.


As Richard puts it, “It’s all about offering affordability and availability. The UK public can be safe in the knowledge that this product is a number one choice with respected and trusted tattoo artists across the country whilst now having the convenience to pick it up as part of their weekly shop.”