The Primus brand is a range of rotary tattoo machines belonging to Sunskin. Sunskin were founded in 1997 and had since thrived and produced some of the best tattoo equipment available on the market.

Their Primus Rotary machines are popular amongst professionals, and the new Primus ONE is looking like it's heading in the same direction.

The Primus ONE has an entirely new design giving it an old look appearance that is also sleek and stylish. Manufactured from one piece of polished brass or aluminium alloy the machine is lightweight, easy to handle and demonstrates superb performance.





What makes the Primus Brand stand out from the crowd?

Sunskin has been delivering high-quality tattoo machines since 1997 and is one of the leading experts in the field. The range is suitable for line work, filling and shading, it can pack ink into the skin smoothly and evenly at a fast pace for maximum precision and accuracy.  It features a high-quality motor that is made in Germany to ensure that the machine runs smoothly while working.  Its lightweight structure, little noise and vibrations help to prevent the artist suffering from fatigue while tattooing. Ultimately, the Primus tattoo machine enables the designer to work faster and for longer.

The Primus ONE is a highly versatile tool that uses a variety of grips and needles. This makes the Primus One a particularly useful as there is no need to buy new equipment to use the machine. It also means that if you are particularly fond of your existing grips and needles, you can continue to use them.

Primus Rotary Tattoo Machine Primus One - Old Brass Design

The technical features of the Primus Tattoo Machine

This machine requires no maintenance saving you a lot of time and energy. It has also been subjected to many endurance tests to make sure that it is durable and reliable. The machine has an input voltage of 5-12 volts DC, a motor voltage of 4.5 watts, an RPM from 0-10,000 and a width beat of 3.4mm. It weighs 110 gr CA and has dimensions of 85 x 22 x 65mm. Comes with a combined clip cord and RCA connector.


This affordable rotary tattoo machine range by Primus boasts an impressive sleek, stylish and above all else, a solid finish. These tattoo machines are versatile, require little maintenance and guarantee to deliver pinpoint accuracy for years consistently. Take a look at the entire Primus range here.