Every tattooist needs a reliable grip to ensure that they have maximum support and control while working.  The Bishop Fantom Grip, by Bishop Rotary, is an excellent choice for such qualities and will not let you down.

Available in 8 different colours, there's something to suit everyone's taste.

Maintains a grip that ensures fluid movement

Each tattoo machine grip is manufactured from aircraft aluminium using a five-axis CNC machine for high-quality results. To give the grip its seamless professional finish each grip is hand polished so that it is smooth and easy to handle.  Furthermore, the back stem of each grip is manufactured from medical grade stainless steel to meet health and safety regulations.

Built to last

Each grip is anodised to the highest-quality which ensures they are durable, robust and long-lasting. It means the artist can work with precision and accuracy without the worry of the grip failing.

Reduces the chance of repetitive strain injury

The lightweight structure of this tattoo machine grip makes it easy to hold without the risk of early hand fatigue, allowing the artist to work more comfortably for longer periods of time.

No need to replace your tattoo machines

Bishop Fantom Grips will fit all standard coil or rotary machines and are compatible with T-Tech or Hawk cartridges. They also come with duro-tip plungers in two different lengths so that the artist can work flexibly.


Due to their ergonomic design, natural feel, strength, reliability and flexibility, Bishop Fantom Grips are ideal for the professional artist who has tried other tattoo machine grips and being disappointed. Designed with the artist in mind to ensure that they meet the needs and expectations of a tattooist; consequently, these grips need to be an essential part of any professional tattooists supply - have a look at our entire machine grip range here.

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