Ink Booster is an innovative new product to be brought to the forefront of the tattoo supplies market. Specially designed and optimised for use during the tattooing process, this specialised cream is perfect for use within your studio.

It is produced by DC Invention Company in Austria. Ink Booster is fully compliant with both EU and UK safety checks and regulations on tattoo supplies and products used in the process.

There are several benefits to using Ink Booster during your tattooing sessions. For example it can help to reduce redness and soothes the skin you are working on. This is because the product acts as an analgesic, helping to relieve the pain and associated symptoms. By helping to reduce the discomfort and irritation caused by the tattoo needles piercing the skin, it means that the client is likely to be able to sit for a longer session and have their artwork completed. This is helpful for the artist as they are able to focus on the piece without needing to frequently stop. It also saves money in the long run as you will require less disposable supplies if the tattoo is completed in one session rather than needing to set up again another time.

Ink Booster also helps to support the flow and retention of ink. Many artists have seen marked improvement in their pieces, especially in areas of block colour or bold shading as the depth and brightness of colours shine through, making their artwork stand out. The product is ideal with both greyscale pieces as well as vivid colour styles. By using Ink Booster, you will also save yourself time and cut down on the pain caused to the client as you won’t need to consistently go over an area to try and pack in the colour.

The Ink Booster cream is made without artificial chemicals such as mineral oil and silicone which can irritate the open wound of the tattoo, as well as causing issues for clients with sensitive skin. This gives you peace of mind that you can use this product with all clients without the concern if they have allergies or skin sensitivities. It is a superb replacement for Vaseline which can often clog equipment and prevent the skin from healing in the correct manner. Ink Booster is also certified vegan, ensuring that it is suitable for use with both vegan and vegetarian clients. The product is dermatologically tested, as well as helping to support the healing process which can dramatically affect the end result of the tattoo’s appearance. Ink Booster is formulated to have the perfect melting point when applied to the tattoo area, so it can easily soak into the skin without leaving a film of product on the surface.

Ink Booster is officially supported and recommended by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, one of the top name brands within the tattoo industry. With the backing from a premium supplier such as Cheyenne, you know it is a superb product without gimmicks. Ink Booster has also been recommended by several top artists around the world. These include Mario Hartmann, Christian Hasse, Robert Piwko, Bene Bader and Chris Schmidt.