One daughter has managed to find the perfect Christmas present for her father, but it won’t be making it on to the top 10 gift ideas list any time soon. No amount of searching on the high street would produce this unique present suggestion. Beth Faulds spotted the post on social media platform Facebook.

The post was on the page for Glasgow’s famous Indian restaurant, Shish Mahal, offering free meals to anyone who got a tattoo of the restaurant name.

Beth thought this would be the ideal present for her dad as has been visiting this restaurant for decades since he was a student attending the University of Glasgow in 1967.

Restaurant owner, Asif Ali, said he came up with the idea when he spotted a tattoo studio while driving round Glasgow. He wondered if anyone would be crazy enough to get a tattoo of the name of his business, Shish Mahal. However he was not expecting anyone to follow through with his offer. He has stated that he and his staff are deeply honoured to have this level of dedication from their customers.

Miss Faulds, the mum of three, already has a tattoo to symbolise her mother. This is a design featuring lily flowers. Now with the curry house’s logo also on her body, she feels she now has both parents represented in her permanent body artwork.

She has commented that her dad is very tricky to choose a Christmas present for anyway and said she often relied on default popular masculine presents for fathers such as whisky, socks and ties. However she has definitely pulled out all the stops this year with a truly unique and unusual gift.

On revealing the tattoo design and explaining what it meant to her dad, he was thrilled. Norman Ferguson, 66, has been a very loyal customer to the curry house but said he was not very adventurous with his meal choices from the menu. His favourite dish is minced lamb Methi and described himself as a “dinosaur” for not being more adventurous.

He noted that he had been visiting the restaurant for so long that he has seen it develop and flourish, as well as seeing the staff grow up and become an institution within the Glasgow area. Norman praised them for their excellent quality and superb consistency over the years.  It has a superb reputation within the city and even has some celebrity clientele amongst its regular guests. These include Kevin Bridges, Morgan Freeman and Billy Boyd.

The Shish Mahal also has another claim to fame in that they invented the chicken tikka masala dish when curry was first becoming a popular cuisine in the 1970s when the take away phenomenon began booming.

This is not the first time that a corporate logo has led to the customer gaining a special status and exclusive benefits for their dedication to the brand. One company even offered their employees a pay rise if they were willing to get the logo tattooed on their person.