Tattoos are fast becoming more and more popular as the days go by.  Not only are more people having tattoos but more and more people are aspiring to be tattoo artists.

Whether this be done the correct way through apprentice training or the wrong way in your own home, tattoos are cropping up everywhere you go.

With tattoo kits available all over the internet just about anyone can get hold of one giving individual’s access to ink, tattoo machines, tattoo needles and much more.



The worrying factor though, just how safe is the equipment you are buying? With the latest news regarding tattoo ink it would appear not all products are.

The FDA issued a warning with regards to some tattoo ink being unsafe to use. A Californian company known as White and Blue Lion Inc, recalled that some of the in home kits they bought were contaminated. This was confirmed after unopened bottles of ink were tested for bacterial infection.  There was one reported case of a skin infection linked to the company and other reports have been filed about ink with similar packaging to the ones they used.

There have been some concerns over the inks as they potentially have the risk to make a person very ill. Infections such as Hepatitis,  MRSA and Staph infections are just some of those you can contract from being tattooed in dirty environments or with equipment that hasn’t be sterilised. The worry here however is not uncleanliness but ink that carries harmful bacteria’s. The most sterile tattoo shop in the world is at risk of passing on an infection if using inks such as these. It may be days or years later that the infection kicks in but either way it could be serious.  If carried into the bloodstream individuals will be susceptible to sepsis, an impurity that causes shaking, sweating and a fever.  Other symptoms noted from contaminated ink include bumps on the skin, swelling, blistering, redness, discharge and excessive pain.

Everyone is at risk of an infection if being tattooed, this unfortunately is a risk you have to take but anybody with circulatory problems, heart problems, diabetes or a low immune system is more so. If this is the case for you it is a good idea to think long and hard before being tattooed and to ensure that the shop is reputable, the artist is capable and the ink being used is safe. So how do you know if the ink being used is safe? Inks that are made professionally should have on their bottle a brand name and an address for the business that manufactured the product. Any bottles without this information should be avoided completely.