Selecting furniture for your tattoo studio is an important process as making the decision often results in investing money into your chair and table pieces that you will be using on a daily basis.

The experts at TATSoul have developed a specialist range that is made for use by professional tattoo artists. It has their needs in mind when creating the design features and mechanisms, ensuring it always efficient and ergonomic for use with customers.

One of the most popular items in the TATSoul range is the X-Table. This is due to its versatility and portability factors. The table can be folded down in its own heavy duty canvas backpack, making it easy to carry and pack when travelling. The table is height adjustable to make it easier for you to adapt the set up for various clients and positions you may be working in.

It has a specialist locking system in place to ensure both safety and stability when the table is in use, as well as giving you peace of mind and reassurance that this high quality furniture piece will be reliable and sturdy. The table has a capacity of up to 400lbs, ensuring you can cater for a wide variety of clients.

The table also has an extension bar, which can be used for multiple positions. For example it can be a leg bar for clients lying down or sitting upright. This bar can also be moved to the side of the table to become a support for clients in the straddle position. It can also be used as a support for working on rib or side pieces as the client has something to lean on.

In addition to the X-Table’s functionality as the tattoo chair and bench, it also doubles up as a dolly or cart. This means it can be folded down and used as a pull trolley to easily transport your luggage and equipment when travelling to a convention, as well as moving heavy goods around the studio.

It has six heavy duty casters with brakes to ensure you have full control of the trolley’s movability. Simply remove the cushions to protect them from wear and tear or damage from heavy items. You can also use the extra straps across the hand and extension bar to help support the load on the trolley.

The 370 S Tattoo Client Chair also comes heavily recommended within the tattoo community for its versatility and high quality construction. The chair is very stable for minimal movement whilst tattooing, as well as not being overly bulky and still maintaining optimum comfort levels for the client. The height is fully adjustable to suit your needs, as well as having retractable wheels to make the chair easy to manoeuvre and position within your studio.

The chair can be adjusted to a suitable angle or laid completely flat. The leg supports are also angle adjusted, as well as having optional leg extensions for taller clients. The patented Click-Lock arm rests are also removable making it easier for clients to sit and be positioned in the chair. There is also the option to interchange the headrest for a face down cradle to support clients when having large back or shoulder pieces.

The artist chair is also fully adjustable to help support your back and posture whilst tattooing. Having the right chair can make a huge difference to your overall health, especially during long sessions which can aggravate back problems. The back rest is height adjustable and you can even tilt the chair to the perfect angle for you.

A great option is that the seat can be adapted so you are supported in the straddle position whilst tattooing, preventing strain on your back. The ergonomic shape is designed to help mould to your body for perfect support whilst using the chair.

It is clear that the TATSoul furniture range is perfect for use in the tattoo studio and you can easily see the numerous benefits from having these products on hand to help make the tattoo process easier and more comfortable for both you and your clients.