Getting a tattoo is the easy part, it’s looking after it once it has been done that is the hard part. Because your body suffers an element of trauma when getting a tattoo it is important to treat it as a wound whilst it is healing.

This will prevent it from becoming infected and will help to keep it as fresh looking as possible. Failing to look after your tattoo could cause it to become infected, distorted, faded and even have parts missing from the design.




Tattoo Goo - providing great tattoo care for nearly 20 years

Tattoo Goo is a brilliant aftercare products that is used to soothe your tattoo as it heals. The company has been around since 1998 and many professional tattoo artists swear by it.  It is made from high grade oils, emollients and herbal ingredients which all help to keep your tattoo moisturised and in tip top condition.

Beware knock off tattoo aftercare brands

Be careful not to use any knock off brands as these could have negative effects on your tattoo. Always check the ingredients to make sure there have been no changes made, cheaper oils are often found in phony brands to make manufacturing them cheaper.

Bepanthan isn't always best

There are other treatments that can be used on tattoos such as Savlon antiseptic cream and Bepanthen.  Tattoo treatments vary from person to person, some of them working better than others. This all comes down to the type of skin you have and how you react to it.

Savlon was once extremely popular however the emollient within was changed which proved to have a negative effect on many people. Savlon also has a tendency to dry the skin out which can cause the tattoo to scab heavily, something you want to try and avoid. Another popular cream is Bepanthen however some people find it too oily to use.

Tattoo Goo is great for keeping the tattoo hydrated, it helps to limit the amount of irritation the skin receives making it more comfortable during the healing process. Tattoo Goo have another cream which is used specifically when the tattoo begins to scab. The cream will help to control the scabbing making it less itchy and more comfortable to bare.

Tattoo - Goo provides continual healing and aftercare

It will usually take around seven to ten days for a tattoo to heal however it can take longer depending on where it is placed. The tattoo should no longer have any scabbing after this time period, however it can take up to a month for the tissues beneath the skin to fully mend themselves.

For this reason you should continue to care for your tattoo properly until this time has passed.  You can do this by keeping it out of direct sunlight and from being submerged in water.