Every tattoo artist needs a tattoo machine, it isn’t however just a machine to them. It's a trusted partner that allows them to carry out fantastic artwork.  It's essentially their left arm, their wingman, their best friend.

For this reason it's extremely important to make sure that as a tattoo artist you choose the right machine for you. Something you can work with easily, use comfortably and be proud to own.

If you're a beginner tattooist it's important to make sure you find the right equipment for you at the stage you're at.  This doesn’t mean going out there and finding the most expensive machine available. It simply means doing some research and finding a tattoo machine that will help you  improve  your skills and prepare you to move onto bigger and better things.

It's a good idea when looking for tattoo machines to not rush the decision. Take your time to look through the machines that are available. Study the machines and compare them to one another so that you have a good understanding of how they work and how they differ. Make sure that you are aware of the materials used to make the tattoo machine. A good tattoo machine will usually be made from iron, brass or copper as these are durable and last for a long time.

A tattoo device poses a number of risks so it is important to make sure that the one you choose is safe. This will ensure your own safety as well as your customers so make sure you don't ignore this.  A good way to find out if the machine is safe or not is to read through reviews that people have written after using it.

Once you have found the right machine for you it's important to then find a good power supply.  If you do this your machine will last for longer.  Different machines require different power supplies so you will need to check how much power your machine needs.  This information is easy enough to find, simply check the manual that comes with the tattoo machine, it should all be in there.

Providing you do the correct research and take your time looking for a machine, you should find yourself with something that suits you.  Once you get a feel for a machine and become more experienced the process will become a lot easier for you.