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This guidance toolkit has been prepared by a panel of health protection and practitioner representatives. It comprises a consensus of expert advice which it is intended will provide an authoritative source of information. It is intended to be of assistance to practitioners and businesses undertaking these activities to support them in adopting acceptable standards of practice. The use of this guidance toolkit will help to ensure the health and safety of both clients and operators and that tattooing and skin piercing practitioners will be operating in compliance with legal requirements. Click on the link below for more information.


Advice to Prospective Tattoo Artists

There is only one ideal route to becoming a tattoo artist and it requires raw talent, commitment and hard work. Tattooing is a trade and as such needs to be learned and developed. By undertaking apprenticeships you will be able to develop not only the correct and safe way of working as a tattooist, but it will also help you develop you art and push your boundries. Below is are some useful links when searching for an apprenticeship.

FAQ on Tattoo Apprentiships

How to get into Tattooing

Advice on securing a Tattoo Apprenticeship 


Advice to Tattoo Studios and Artists

Below is some general advice for operating a registered tattoo studio. We only supply to studios which has been health registered with their local authority.                                                                                                               

Code of Practice for Hygienic Tattooing

Health and Safety Considerations for Tattooists

Running a Tattoo Studio - The Business


Advice to Tattoo Studio Customers

Barber DTS strive to provide equipment of the highest quality to businesses that will use this equipment in the safest way. Because of this we only sell to registered tattoo studios that have been declared safe and hygienic by their local council. Below are some links to help you make the right choice when considering a new tattoo as well as ensuring it looks its best.

Purchase Aftercare

General Tattoo Advice

Aftercare Advice

First Time Tattoo Tips

Advice from an Artist 


Please note that Barber DTS does not except responsibility for any changes in the information found through the above links. 


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