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Come and take a look at our great selection of tattooing spares, from an Incredible long shader spring through to tattoo machines screws and armature bars. You will find everything that you possibly could need here at Barber DTS which is why we are one of the best in the tattoo industry. We have only the best equipment and cleaning products so that our standards are continually met each time we sell a product.

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  1. Inkjecta Semi Rigid Bar 86 mm
    This semi-rigid bar can be used inste...
    198,00 kr
  2. No. 94 - X2 Cap Only
    Replacement X2 Cap without the Damper...
    156,00 kr
  3. No. 92 Damper Plug
    Replacement part which holds the Damp...
    22,00 kr
  4. No. 93 Damper
    Replacement Damper for Dragonfly X2 a...
    63,00 kr
  5. No. 03B - X2 Cap Assembly
    Replacement cap assembly complete wit...
    228,00 kr
  6. Allen Key Thumb Screw - Metric
    Allen Key with Thumb Screw for adjust...
    75,00 kr
  7. Spring Alignment Tool
    Spring Alignment Tool for setting arm...
    204,00 kr
  8. Armature Bar Alignment Tool
    Armature Bar Alignment Tool for tatto...
    114,00 kr
  9. Cap For Inkjecta Flite v2.1
    Personalise your Inkjecta Flite v2.1 ...

    From 101,00 kr

  10. Silver Tip Contact Screw
    Silver Tip Contact Screw - Black, Bra...

    From 48,00 kr

  11. Eikon Crown Standard Coils V2
    Crown Standard coils will improve the...

    From 330,00 kr

  12. Needle Drive Bar
    The Stainless Steel Bar and Ball is u...

    From 38,00 kr

Items 1 to 12 of 110 Total

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