Travel Cases

Lightweight but strong, practical and convenient. Travel cases will make travelling with your equipment simple and easy. Perfect for tattoo conventions and what not. These will be needed by all tattoo artists especially if you are starting up and you are going to work in various places. It’s also handy to keep all of your inks and equipment in a safe and clean place. These often come in small cases to the larger cases, there’s always something to suit everyone’s needs here at Barber. We offer the large aluminium travelling case for the large amounts of supplies to the small black travel case for the smaller collections.

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  1. Critical Travel Case - Medium
    Protect your tattoo machines, power s...
    614,99 kr
  2. Critical Travel Case - Small
    Protect your tattoo machines, power s...
    461,49 kr
  3. Suitcase Tattoo Workstation
    We know right?! Why was this not desi...
    3 998,99 kr
  4. Barber DTS Suitcase Workstation
    This Barber DTS fold-out tattoo works...
    3 744,99 kr
  5. TATSoul Drifter Duffle Pack
    TATSoul are proud to offer the Drifte...
    1 320,00 kr
  6. Tattoo 5 Draw Roller Workstation
    This professional 5 roller worstation...
    3 708,00 kr
  7. Pelican 1170 Hand Carry Travel Case
    Unbreakable, watertight, airtight, du...
    803,00 kr
  8. Waterproof Travel Case
    This durable and strong case will wit...
    1 164,00 kr
  9. Pelican 1150 Hand Carry Travel Case
    Unbreakable, watertight, airtight, du...
    631,00 kr
  10. Tattoo Mobile Rolling Workstation
    The Tattoo Mobile Rolling Workstation...
    1 236,00 kr
    Out of stock
  11. TATsoul Travel Case
    The TATSoul Machine Travel Case featu...
    300,00 kr
    Out of stock

11 Items

per page

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