Thermal Copiers

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  1. Black Thermal Copier
    This Black Thermal Copier is created ...
    1 854,00 kr
  2. Brother A4 Mobile Thermal Printer (PJ-723)
    Create the sharpest and most detailed...
    4 788,00 kr
  3. Panenka / Unigraph Thermal copier A4 Next Gen 953H1a
    The Panenka / Unigraph Thermal copier...
    11 100,00 kr
  4. Thermal Copier Lamp and Spares
    The Thermal copier lamp is the ideal ...

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  5. Brother Printer PJ-763 MFI Bluetooth & USB
    The Brother PocketJet PJ-763 MFI is a...
    7 531,99 kr
  6. Brother Printer PJ-773 Wi-Fi
    The Brother PocketJet PJ-773 Wi-Fi is...
    7 531,99 kr

6 Items

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It is important to make sure that the design your customer wants is precise and accurate. Getting it wrong could result in very unhappy customers and loss of trade. To help make sure that you don’t get it wrong Barber supply a variety of design materials. We have a selection of thermal copier and transfer products perfect for tracing or transferring designs onto. These can then be transferred to the skin so that you have line work to follow. As well as this we also provide thermal acetate carriers, stencil lotion and much more. Thermal Copier & Transfer Consumables