Cheyenne Hawk Accessories

The power supply is, of course, one of the essential components of your tattoo machine, and with some of the more complex designs and advanced technologies you may find yourself in need of some accessories to go with it that will provide you with some added functionality. This particular range of products offers a fantastic selection of accessories for the Cheyenne Hawk power supply, so you can be confident that they will provide the perfect functionality for your machine and your needs and will work effectively with your set up. There are a selection of accessories available, including spare or replacement parts that will keep you up and running no matter what might happen.

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  1. Hawk Power Lead
    Have this spare power lead for your C...
    132,00 kr
  2. Hawk Phone Jack Plug
    The Cheyenne HAWK Adaptor Phone Jack ...
    192,00 kr
  3. Hawk Adapter Cable - 3.5mm - RCA
    When selecting a tattoo machine you d...
    168,00 kr
  4. Spare lead for Power Unit from Cheyenne
    This is a replacement plug for the Ch...
    312,00 kr
  5. Hawk Phone Jack Plug Cap
    The HAWK Phone Jack Plug Cap is the p...
    48,00 kr
  6. Hawk Banana Plug
    The Cheyenne HAWK Banana Plug is grea...
    192,00 kr
  7. Hawk Adapter Cable - 3.5mm plug - 6.3mm
    When selecting a tattoo machine you d...
    180,00 kr

7 Items

per page

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