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Barber DTS supply a variety of tattoo equipment for your studio including power supplies. We have everything you need for the smooth running of your studio including wireless power supplies, digital power supplies, dual control powers supplies, mini power supplies and power supply accessories. All of our products are made to the highest of standards ensuring that they are strong, safe and reliable. At Barber DTS you can rest assured that you’ll find something to meet your needs and expectation.

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  1. RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply (inc. 4 Power Packs)
    Includes 4 power packs The RPS-600 w...
    10 080,00 kr
  2. Saturn Digital Power Supply
    This Saturn Digital Power supply has ...
    1 380,00 kr
    Out of stock
  3. Venom PS2 Power Supply
    VENOM PS-2 Power Supply – Is the new ...
    2 940,00 kr
  4. COMPAKT Power Supply by Piranha
    4 Presets to Optimize your Workflow ...

    From 1 740,00 kr

  5. Musotoku Power Supply - Green
    Feel Your Machine Like Never Before ...
    3 000,00 kr
  6. Musotoku Power Supply - Black
    Feel Your Machine Like Never Before ...
    3 000,00 kr
  7. LACEnano Power Supply
    You need this LACEnano Power Supply i...
    1 200,00 kr
    Out of stock
  8. Pro Digital Power Supply 0-18v
    Digital tattoo power supply with Pre-...
    1 116,00 kr
  9. Micro Power Supply 0-16v
    The smallest power supply for your ta...
    876,00 kr
  10. Base Digital Power Supply
    Digital tattoo power supply with LCD ...
    588,00 kr
  11. Connector Box (For power pack- jack plug convertor)
    Connector box for tattoo power pack w...
    360,00 kr
  12. Mini Power Supply
    Mini tattoo power supply in blue or b...

    From 564,00 kr

12 Items

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