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Here at Barber we have a wide range of Studex jewellery offering a different piece for each month such as the September sapphire, august peridot, July ruby, may emerald, April crystal and all of the rest. Barber also offer regular assorted bezel birthstones from January to December all in one pack that will have you sorted for the whole year round. These can also come in different sizes to suit everyone. It doesn’t stop there though, we also offer various other pieces such as the gold heart piece or the silver stainless star. The rock crystal studs are also on sale which also come in monthly styles and of course can be bought in the whole 12 month pack. Also check out our mini white pearl studs too, there really is something for everyone here at Barber.

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  1. April - Crystal
    There are no shortage of options for ...
    123,00 kr
  2. Mini Stainless Ball
    When you’re looking for the ideal sol...
    98,00 kr
  3. Assorted Jan-Dec
    There are a lot of options available ...
    135,00 kr
  4. Reg Assorted bezel birthstones
    Always choose professional grade mate...
    135,00 kr
  5. Reg Stainless Ball
    This particular selection of stainles...
    99,00 kr
  6. Mini Gold Ball
    This particular selection is an attra...
    98,00 kr
  7. Reg Gold Ball
    When it comes to finding the ideal so...
    113,00 kr
  8. Mini Polished April - Crystal Per Pair (1)
    When it comes to finding the ideal so...
    35,00 kr
  9. Assorted Jan-Dec
    When it comes to finding the best pos...
    148,00 kr
  10. Reg Assorted Birthstars Jan-Dec
    There are plenty of options available...
    193,00 kr
  11. Shapes Reg Stainless Heart
    This particular product selection pro...
    123,00 kr
  12. Reg Polished April - Crystal (12)
    Birthstone jewellery has always been ...
    339,00 kr

Items 1 to 12 of 67 Total

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