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  1. Titanium Micro Labret & Ball From

    From 10,83 kr

  2. Titanium Micro Labret Sterile From

    From 17,32 kr

  3. Disposable Poli Clamps
    Disposable piercing clamps available ...

    From 7,09 kr

  4. Daith Heart - Titanium 1.0mm Medium (Pack of 10)
    Daith Heart shape Come in Titanium ...
    176,00 kr
  5. Surgical Steel Barbell Straight
    Add these surgical steel straight bar...

    From 41,00 kr

  6. Titanium Black Jack Labret Studs
    These labret studs from Black Jack ha...

    From 276,00 kr

  7. Smelly Gelly 8.5g
    This is great product and can elimina...
    29,99 kr
    Out of stock
  8. Barbell Straight Titanium
    Choose these high quality titanium ba...

    From 99,00 kr

  9. Disposable Biopsy Punch
    These disposable products help to red...

    From 37,00 kr

  10. Disposable Instrument Tray
    These disposable instrument trays all...

    From 111,00 kr

  11. Braun Introcan Needles
    These Introcan needles are a high qua...

    From 12,00 kr

  12. April - Crystal
    There are no shortage of options for ...
    123,00 kr
  13. After-Care Cleansing Lotions (12 Box)
    Barber DTS are delighted to present S...
    96,00 kr
  14. Studex Displayer
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
    318,00 kr
  15. Instrument Tray
    This Instrument Tray from Barber DTS ...
    85,00 kr
  16. Mosquito Sterile SR Catheter - Box of 50
    No need for scissors! These German ma...

    From 279,99 kr

  17. Piercing Cannulas
    Piercing Cannulas comes in three diff...

    From 366,00 kr

  18. Daith Heart - Steel 1.2mm Medium (Pack of 10)
    Daith Heart - Steel 1.2mm Medium (Pac...
    62,00 kr
  19. Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Spray
    Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Spray from...

    From 67,00 kr

  20. Surgical Steel Labret Studs
    These labret studs have a flat base a...

    From 50,00 kr

  21. Titanium Black Jack Navel Bars - Double Jewelled
    These double jewelled navel bars from...

    From 384,00 kr

  22. Nose Studs Titanium
    These nose studs are shaped in the st...

    From 105,00 kr

  23. Labrets
    These titanium jewellery pieces are i...

    From 114,00 kr

  24. Mini Stainless Ball
    When you’re looking for the ideal sol...
    98,00 kr

1 to 24 of 229

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With so many tattoo studios now piercing we have made sure that we cater to both. We have an extensive range of piercing supplies available for carrying out most types of piercings. Some of our products include jewellery displays for showing customers how the piercing will look, jewellery, piercing instruments, piercing needles and much more. All of our products are of the highest quality making sure that they work to the best of their ability and suit all of your needs.