Tattoo Goo

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Products

Tattoo Goo is the number one aftercare product for tattoos. Made using some of the finest ingredients available on the market their products include a blend of humectants and essential oils that help aid in the healing of a tattoo. Like any wound tattoo wounds need to be treated accordingly to ensure that they heal quickly and properly. Tattoo Goo can help with this through four approaches, Moisturisation, Antimicrobial Activity, Anti-oxidation and Stimulation of Circulation.

Tattoo Goo is loaded with Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Wheat Germ Oil and Wax Ester Beeswax all of which help to moisturise the skin and protect any bio activity going on to help heal the wound. Also found in Tattoo Goo products is Lavender Oil which helps with the Anti-microbial stage of the healing. Fortunately Lavender Oil contains antimicrobial properties which help to minimise the formation of scar tissues.

For the Anti-Oxidation stage Tattoo Goo contains antioxidants to help slow down oxidation and minimise the formation of scar tissue. Ingredients in the product that help with this include Wheat Germ Oil, Rosemary Extract and Tocopheryl. Finally Stimulation of Circulation is needed as this helps to increase the number of nutrients delivered to the body, and remove more waste products from the body. Lavender Oil helps contribute to this stage also.

There are a wide range of Tattoo Goo products to choose from to meet your needs and expectations. The most popular product by the brand is their Original Goo which can be purchased in small tins or in convenient pillow packs. Also available are Tattoo Goo lotions, Tattoo Goo Renew, Tattoo Goo aftercare soap, Pro Series Butter and Tattoo Goo kits for both tattoo and piercing aftercare. Each of the products available possess their own qualities allowing you to choose one that is best suited to your needs. All of the products are made entirely from natural ingredients and then certified and tested for accuracy and quality.