Silverback Ink® provide a range of inks that offer you various shades of black and greywash. Within the range you can expect to find the Original Greywash set which includes four inks X1, X2, X3 and X4 ascending from light to dark, the XXX Greywash set which also includes four shades of greywash ascending from light to dark, the 6 Series set which consists of three dark greywash inks ascending from light to dark and the Instablack inks which are perfect for lining and block fill. Also available by Silverback are different shades of black so that artists can work with black ink and blacker than black ink when necessary.

All inks by Silverback Ink® are formulated and produced by a professional artist. Every single ink contains high quality ingredients ensuring that it is absorbed into the skin with ease for a smooth, fast and even finish.