Powerline Professional Tattoo Supplies

Powerline are suppliers of tattoo and piercing equipment and are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Products by the Powerline brand include tattoo needles, tattoo tubes and tattoo grips.

Powerlines tattoo needles come as size 12 needles, Double Zero needles and Bugpins. They all contain needles of different configurations ensuring that there is something for everyone. Made to the highest of standards they are needle sharp making sure that they penetrate the skin quickly and easily. This limits the amount of trauma to the skin for a quicker healing time.

White plastic tubes and tips are also available. They are completely disposable and are designed to be used only once. Being made from plastic they possess the same weight and balance qualities you would get from a stainless steel tube or tip. This ensures that the artist has maximum control when tattooing. Ink will not discolour in a plastic tube or tip making sure that it is just as vibrant in the skin as it is in the bottle. The level of friction from the needle inside is also reduced for a more comfortable tattooing experience.

Also available by the brand are a variety of machine spares, clipcords and tattoo grips. They are all strong, durable and reliable products to meet the needs and expectations of the professional.