Pin Up

Pin Up Tattoo Supplies

PinUp are a brand that offer a range of different products for the tattooist. Most popular to the brand is their extensive needle range consisting of various sizes and configurations. The needles are soldered like any other but they have a slightly curved radius at the point which helps the needle penetrate the skin with as little trauma as possible. This makes for a faster healing process that is less painful. The needles are also polished from top to bottom which helps reduce the amount of aggravation the skin is put under.

PinUp needles are manufactured from ISO 9001 certified stainless steel and then CE marked and approved to use in Europe. The needles are also sterilised in accordance with European tattoo regulations using E.O Gas and then individually blister packed so that they are ready to use upon opening.

PinUp also supply a fantastic range of disposable tubes which offer maximum comfort and performance for the tattoo artist. Soft grip technology makes handling the grips comfortable so that hands don’t become uncomfortable when tattooing for long periods of time. The tubes come as rounds, diamonds and magnums for completing various tattoos and they are designed to minimise any friction on the inner needle bar. Plastic tubes are also credited for not changing the colour of an ink like stainless steel tubes can. This is important for ensuring that the ink used remains the same colour beneath the skin as it did in the bottle. Like PinUp needles the tubes are sterilised and individually blister packed before being distributed.

PinUp also provide a range of other tattoo supplies for use in a professional tattoo studio. A variety of footswitches and clipcords are available.