The LACEnano tattoo machine offers tattoo artists the best of both worlds by possessing the qualities of both a Coil machine and a Rotary machine. Coiled tattoo machines have great pushing power however their coils make them heavy to handle often causing hand fatigue quicker than an artist would like. The Rotary machine on the other hand is light weight but they don’t have as much pushing power and the needle stroke can’t be adjusted without taking the machine apart. Both machines also require springs to pull the needle back when not in use and these can affect the speed and hit of the needle. With these things in mind a third option was introduced in the form of the LACEnano.

The LACEnano is an extremely light machine enabling the artist to work for longer periods of time without suffering hand fatigue. This helps maintain momentum and allows the artist to work with accuracy and precision throughout. Probably the biggest difference in the machine is that it has no springs at all making its hits cleaner and crisper. A brushless motor that does not wear out allows maximum power to be achieved, and a classic armature bar crafted from aircraft aluminium stops the machine from vibrating by half. The stroke of the needle is completely adjustable and full hit can be achieved with ease. The LACEnano hits harder than the coiled machine but weighs even less than a rotary machine.

Tattoo artists can experience a machine that gives them more control so that they can complete even the most difficult of tattoos. Watch as you push yourself to new levels of expertise as you discover what the LACEnano can do for you. The machine looks great, sounds great and feels great. Easy to set up and easy to clean it is completely Autoclavable even without the removal of the motor. Finally a machine you can sterilise for peace of mind.

The LACEnano tattoo machine comes with 1x LACEnano rotary tattoo machine, 1x LACEnano power supply, 1x LACEnano power cable and 1x aluminium flight case with a custom foam insert to store it all.