Intenze Ink supply a massive range of tattoo inks for the professional artist. They offer both single pigments and pigment sets perfect for artists looking to expand on their ink collection. Made to the highest of standards Intenze inks are bright and bold and will maintain their colour even after healing. Their smooth consistency ensures that they are dispersed quickly and evenly from needle to skin for a flawless finish.

Most popular to the brand is their full colour range consisting of 54 of their original pigments. These are sold as a set or as individual bottles perfect for replacing used colours. A variety of other ink sets are also available including the Bob Tyrell Black and Grey Wash set, Mike Demasi Colour Portrait set, Dragon Colour set and much more. Specific sets contain a combination of inks designed to complement each other well. This makes finding colours for styles of work much easier for a more accurate finish to tattoos.

Intenze Ink are an incredibly renowned brand amongst professional tattooists. They are loved all over the world for their reliable and consistent products that never falter.