Ink Machines


Ink Machines are a Swedish company who make and supply their own tattoo equipment. Working together with professional tattoo artists Ink Machines produce products that are unique to the tattooist and available at competitive prices. They are constantly working to better their range and ensure that it is in keeping with the needs and expectations of today’s tattoo artists. Ink Machines pride themselves greatly on their ability to produce tattoo equipment that offers freedom of movement. This makes it easy for the tattooist to push his/her boundaries and continue to improve creatively.

Barber DTS supply a range of products from Ink Machines including their very popular Dragonfly and Stingray rotary tattoo machines. Both machines are made using high quality materials for a tattoo machine that is durable and capable of delivering time and time again. The machines are lightweight and have low vibrations reducing hand fatigue and increasing handling. They both have an adjustable hitting force and can be used with most power supplies.

Also available is the RPS-600 power supply which has a number of benefits. The power supply can be used wirelessly with the Dragonfly and Stingray tattoo machines and a wireless footswitch is also included. With a long battery life there is no need to worry about it running out of power quickly. Its wireless abilities make the RPS-600 a very versatile piece of equipment with health and safety attributes.