Eternal tattoo Ink

Eternal Ink offer well over 175 individual colours of ink, grey wash shades and carefully put together ink sets. Eternal inks offer professional artists the opportunity to expand on their ink collection and add completely new sets that allow artists to constantly push their tattooing abilities. All of the inks made by Eternal are made using the highest quality ingredients ensuring that they have excellent pigment depth, superb absorption rates and long lasting finishes that can be thoroughly relied on. The inks are also sterilised and tested accordingly.

Some ink sets you can expect to come across include Zombie Colours, a set of 12 inks specifically made for completing scenes of horror, death and gore. The colours in the set can be described as dark and muddy looking. Jess Yen Colours consist of 22 fantastic pigments that highlight and capture the intensity and majesty of oriental tattoo art. Colours in this range are vibrant and bright for tattoos that will stand out from the rest. Myke Chambers Colours contain 12 brilliant pigments that represent traditional American tattoo art. The collection features both dark and bright inks perfect for creating this style of tattooing.

Other sets you can expect to find from the Eternal range include Standard colours, Muted Earthtone colours, M-Series colours, Portrait colours, Liz Cook colours, Motor City colours, Chukes Seasonal colours, Grey wash sets, Halo – Fifth Dimension colours, Andrea Afferni colours, Remember Orellana colours and Rich Pineda colours.

As well as producing high quality inks Eternal producers a range of other tattoo equipment including Welker Rotary tattoo machines, machine spares and colour wheels. Like their inks all of their tattoo equipment is made to the highest of standards making sure that they are strong, durable and reliable.

Eternal is the brand made for artists by artists.