Barber DTS supply a range of products by Eikon including Eikon Hydra Needles which are extremely popular amongst professional artists. The needles come in various forms including standard needles, textured needles and bugpin needles, all of which have a range of different configurations. Manufactured from medical grade surgical steal the needles have precision ground needle points that can penetrate the skin quickly and easily. Smooth soldering also eliminates the amount of friction taking place inside tube grips. All Eikon needles are sterilised in accordance with European tattoo regulations ensuring that they are safe to use straight from the box.

Eikon tattoo machines are also available and very unique to the Eikon brand. Their coil machines have a number of differences compared to regular coil machines such as the coil being face down from the spring mount rather than parallel to it. The armature bar is slightly different too with there being no bend present on the back spring and the trajectory is parallel to the spring mount. Rotary tattoo machines are also available including the very popular Symbeos Rotary which comes as a liner, colourer and slow and fast machine. All Eikon machines are made with artist in mind for a strong, durable and reliable machines that delivers every time it is used.

Other products by the brand include power supplies, machine spares, machine accessories, hygiene products and tubes.