CNC Premium Products are a popular brand of professional tattoo supplies. They have a brilliant range of equipment available including tattoo needles, tattoo grips, tattoo tubes and tattoo tips.

Needles from the brand come in a variety of sizes and configurations designed to meet the needs and expectations of the tattooist. CNC Premium needles are made from premium quality and hardened stainless steel for a reliable finish. Designed to flex less and not blunt they penetrate the skin quickly and easily. Their needle sharp points hold ink well ensuring that the ink can be distributed into the skin smoothly and evenly.

Also available by the brand are a collection of grips, tips and tubes. There are options for both disposable and non-disposable items depending on what you are looking for. Stainless steel grips come in all different shapes and sizes with a knurled or tapered shell for maximum grip and comfort. Disposable tips, grips and tubes also come in an array of sizes and designs and have the same balance and weight controls as the stainless steel ones. Typically see-through it is easy to see what colour the ink is and how much is in the tip.

As well as tattoo supplies CNC Premium also supply piercing jewellery. These include navel bars, skin divers, labret studs and jewelled balls.