Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Supplies

Most commonly associated with Cheyenne are their superb tattoo machines that allow professionals to work with accuracy and precision from start to finish. Their most recent tattoo machine, the Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a real breakthrough in the tattooing industry. The Hawk Pen looks just like a writing pen making it the lightest and most comfortable machine to work with yet. This enables the professional to express themselves freely, complete intricate designs flawlessly and suffer less hand fatigue when working. Other tattoo machines from Cheyenne include the Hawk Spirit and Hawk Thunder which are also very popular.

Also available from Cheyenne are a range of cartridges that feature safety mechanisms to help prevent contamination from occurring. The cartridges first and foremost feature a withdrawing needle that tucks itself in when not in use. This makes changing the cartridges easy and safer to handle. A membrane within the cartridge also prevents any ink or blood from passing into the grip or tattoo machine.

As well as producing quality tattoo machines, Cheyenne also have a fine selection of inks to choose from. The inks are made with the utmost care starting with high quality raw materials that are mixed into the correct formula before undergoing quality control and distribution. All Cheyenne inks are sterilised to meet European tattoo ink regulations making sure that they are safe to use on the human body. Cheyenne inks are vegan friendly, free from animal testing, have great flow and intense pigmentation for colours that last even when healed.

Other products available by the brand include grips, footswitches and power units. Like all of their products these are also made with care and attention to ensure that they are of a high quality, safe to use and that they are long lasting. Cheyenne products are made with the artist in mind making sure that the products work for the artist and that they are suitable for the tasks being carried out.