Barber DTS

At Barber DTS we supply a fantastic range of popular and reliable products for tattoo and piercing professionals. Our most established products are tattoo needles which come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Liners, Magnums, Shaders, Bugpins and many more are available ensuring that there is something for every artist and style of tattooing. All our needles are manufactured from the finest materials available on the market. They are strong, durable and reliable ensuring that they meet the needs and expectations of the artist.

Also available are a selection of tattoo inks including Eternal, Intenze, Silverback and many more ideal for expanding on your studio collection.

At Barber DTS we also have a range of aftercare products for piercings. The products are designed to aid in the soothing and healing of piercings preventing any infections from occurring. Included in the range is Barber DTS Ear and Eyebrow Solution that can be used for almost any piercing above the neck. Also available is Barber DTS Tongue Rinse used for oral piercings and Barber DTS Naval Wash used for naval piercings. All aftercare products by Barber are alcohol and fragrance free to eliminate skin irritation.