Workhouse stainless steel grips are a favourite amongst tattoo professionals. They come in a fantastic range of sizes making sure that there is something to fit every artists hand size. Available as either half knurled or full knurled artists can pick the level of friction they require from their grips. Workhouse grips are lightweight for easy handling and are well balanced to ensure a good level of control whilst working. Made to the highest of standards the grips are long lasting and reliable for a professional finish. Suitable to be used in an autoclave Workhouse grips are easy to clean and sterilise.

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  1. Workhouse 30mm
    The 30mm half knurled tattoo grip by ...
    150,00 kr
  2. Workhouse 25mm
    The 25mm fully knurled tattoo grip by...
    138,00 kr
  3. Workhouse 22mm
    The 22mm fully knurled tattoo grip by...
    132,00 kr
    Out of stock
  4. Workhouse 20mm
    The 20mm half knurled tattoo grip by ...
    120,00 kr
    Out of stock
  5. Workhouse 20mm
    The 20mm fully knurled tattoo grip by...
    126,00 kr
    Out of stock

5 Items

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