Pigment Cups

Pigment cups from Barber come in a variety of different sizes to fit a range of holders. We even offer pigment cups with flips lids to avoid any spillages. Our pigment cups come in 7 different sizes allowing you to mix large or small quantities of ink depending on the size of the area you are tattooing meaning there will be less waste. Using a flip lid also means that you can safely put your ink to one side and concentrate on another area with it becoming contaminated or being spilled. Barber also sell a range of pigment cups holders designed to fit a variety of pigment cup sizes so you can keep your tattooing area clean and tidy.

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  1. Wide Base Pigment Cups
    These are carefully designed ink cups...

    From 32,00 zł

  2. Pigment Cups
    These disposable pigment cups are pro...

    From 12,00 zł

  3. TATSoul Paper Ink Caps
    Lower your carbon footprint with thes...

    From 29,68 zł

    Out of stock
  4. Pro Series TM Solidify Powder 6.5oz (184.3G)
    Tattoo Goo - Pro Series Solidify cl...
    39,00 zł
  5. Stable Tattoo Colour Ink Caps
    These Stable Plastic Tattoo Ink Caps ...

    From 65,00 zł

  6. Cheyenne Cups
    These are an effective and creative l...

    From 47,00 zł

  7. Quick Caps (pack of 20)
    When it comes to saving time, money a...
    126,00 zł
  8. Silicone Ink Cups 13mm (100 per tub)
    Increase stability when it comes to t...
    31,00 zł
  9. Pigment Cups Medium - to fit hole 15.4mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in me...
    32,00 zł
  10. Pigment Cups Midget - to fit hole 10.9mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in mi...
    32,00 zł
  11. Pigment Cups with Flip Lid
    Many technicians use them to hold pig...

    From 55,00 zł

  12. Pigment Cups Large - to fit hole 18.5mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in la...
    32,00 zł

Items 1 to 12 of 16 Total

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