Barber have a selection of clip cords available so that you can hook up your tattoo machine in no time at all. We have clip cords suitable for machines from Hawk, Eikon, Magic Moon and much more. We also have accessories like connector boxes, RCA cables, Phone jack plug and many more. All of these help towards making your tattoo experience the best that it can be making sure that there are no stalls with equipment and that everything runs smoothly in the process of tattooing.

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  1. Eikon Silicone RCA Clipcord
    Eikon RCA connector cords are wired i...

    From 67,00 zł

  2. Bishop Rotary 6ft RCA Cord
    - Gold Plated Split-tip Centre Pin an...
    120,00 zł
  3. Eikon Silicone Clip Clipcord
    Eikon clipcords are manufactured in h...

    From 85,00 zł

  4. Max Signorello Clipcord Green
    Clip cord wire with silicone casing a...
    110,00 zł
  5. TatSoul Premium Silicone Clipcord
    This is a durable and reliable select...
    75,00 zł
  6. TATSoul Lux Plus 90 Degree RCA Cord
    The new TATSoul Lux Plus 90 Degree RC...
    102,00 zł
  7. FK Irons High Tension Clipcord
    This High Tension clipcord will remai...
    85,00 zł
  8. Sabre 2m Angled RCA Cord
    The Sabre 2 metre angled RCA cord is ...

    From 150,00 zł

  9. Clip Clipcord Pro With Long Spring - Black
    A long coil tattoo clip clipcord...
    55,00 zł
  10. Eikon RCA Conversion Kit for Tattoo Machine
    Quickly and easily convert any tattoo...
    46,00 zł
  11. Powerline Silicone Clip Clipcord
    These clip clipcords have a silicone ...

    From 115,00 zł

  12. Powerline Clip Clipcord - Heavy Duty Coil Spring
    Made by Powerline in England this hea...
    95,00 zł

Items 1 to 12 of 55 Total

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